Symantec unveils GoEverywhere SaaS security proxy beta

bilkoid_smallIt wasn’t long ago that everyone was buzzing about web mashup tools.  They were supposed to be miraculous pieces of software that would be able to bring together different disparate web applications, built in any language, and smash them together into one uber-cool application.  Alas, the term mashup is now out of fashion – or at least I am trying to make sure that it is.  The new term is: bilkoid.  (I can’t take credit for the term bilkoid, though. The credit for bilkoid goes to Mr. Thomas Quigley of Oracle.)

symantecWell, it just so happens that Symantec announced the beginning of a beta program for their new bilkoid engine, dubbed GoEverywhere.  Symantec is positioning GoEverywhere as a SaaS web security proxy solution.  There aren’t many details posted yet on their beta site, but GoEverywhere looks like a giant single-sign on web proxy that allows customers to stitch together web applications from several locations and include SSO, dual factor security, etc.

This doesn’t look quite as strong as the solution that BEA had, AquaLogic Ensemble.  It looks like GoEverywhere relies on a bunch of IFRAMEs to stitch together multiple sites onto one page.  BEA AquaLogic Ensemble, now Oracle WebCenter Ensemble, can perform the same type of functionality, but does it without using IFRAMEs.

It’s interesting to see Symantec position GoEverywhere as a security tool first and foremost.  This makes sense for Symantec, since their reputation is web security tools.  It’s also ironic, I think, that most Ensemble customers were also interested in Ensemble for the same reasons: web security (and policies, single sign-on, etc.), and less so about mashing up pieces of disparate applications.  Does this mean that mashups are really dead?  If so, long live the bilkoid.

2 Responses to “Symantec unveils GoEverywhere SaaS security proxy beta”

  1. When I Google the term ‘bilkoid’ this blog post is the only thing that shows up. Looks like it died before it ever took off.

  2. Thanks for writing this great article about GoEverywhere. I like the term Bilkoid, I’ll have to throw that out at the next meeting and see what people think. We’ve done a bunch of updates to the Bilkoid since this was written andif you haven’t seen them we would love for you to sign back in or come visit us and give us feedback on what we’ve updated.